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Good morning, friends of DEGNOS,
Sorry, that you have not heard much from us in the last few weeks. Both Tracey and myself as well as Isak our driver were in bed with a flu virus that pulled up our handbrake. The good news is that we are back on our feet and can continue with the work that has been allotted to us as our part in the kingdom.
The wonderful thing is that God has placed us in a team of people and that they work within the Kingdom of God does not depend on us, but that God Himself allows the work to continue in His garden.
Lately, we are seeing new life in the West Caprivi congregation, with elders who were discouraged and abandoned their work, who are now taking up the Word again and are gathering the Lord’s sheep.
The Lord has not forgotten his people under the Kwê. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.
Ds. Isaac Chameia, and his driver Jesaja, went through the first round of governance training with the 8 ward congregations in the Tsumkwe and Luhebu North congregations. We will spend time tomorrow evaluating the work and do planning for the next round. While we are busy with the reflection, the bakkie with which Rev. Isaac moves around has to go in for repairs – this is an old bakkie and we try to keep it in a good condition.

  • Prayer Request*
  • Andries *: I am in the Zambezi region for a whole week from Thursday onwards. We are planning a lot of work and need your intercession for the following:
  1. Friday we are holding a church council meeting with the elders and deacons. We will all the leaders from all the villages in the 200km strip so that we can hold the meeting at Mushangara.
  2. From Saturday morning we will be training Folid Foundations at Dije for three days.
  3. Rev Joseph Kapinga and my-self will visit all the elders in the region to mentor them and encourage them.
  • Tracey * will be alone at the office in Grootfontein and is busy with the arrangements for the AGM and the annual audit of our financial statements. Please pray for her specifically during this time.
  • Isak Xhare *: Our driver will deliver food to schools in the Wildevy area this week and then with Rev. Josef Gevers visit wards of the Wildevy Tsintsabis area from Thursday to Saturday.
  • Ds. Isaac * intercession for the training program that he is busy with which kicks off again next week at // Goaguru with Ds. Leviet.
  • Poppie * will start a women’s Bible study and prayer group with Mrs. Martie Smit this coming Saturday at the Degnos center in Leopard Hill. Please pray that this opportunity will also be fruitful in the kingdom.
    Thank you so much for walking with us and praying for us every day.
    DEGNOS Greetings
Photo of Poppie, the housekeeper at Degnos Centre in Luiperdheuwel

Let me. introduce you to Mrs. Poppie (Lorentia) Harmses.
Poppie is the housekeeper at the DEGNOS center, but she also completed her training as a minister/pastor.
Poppie leads a worship service at her house every Sunday as well as prayer meetings three times a week.
Poppie and Martie Smit will hold regular women’s Bible studies at the DEGNOS Center from next Saturday onwards.



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