Two old people at N ‡ otjakxai – and confirmed that they believe in the Lord Jesus as their redeemer. We spoke about Revelation 22 and the Living Water from the throne of God and the Tree that gives food every month of the year.
Ds. Leviet shares the Gospel with a group of San people at //xa/oba village in Northern Tsumkwe
Ds, Gerrie Cwi (with cap) with a San congregation at Nhoma #2. Front left of the picture is Ds. N!aici Komtsa who is responsible for the Tsumkwe West Congregation where the Village is situated.

Ds. Gerrie Cwi in yellow shirt explains to the congregation at Nhoma#1 that we are looking for the person that is leading the village in prayer already – It was very clear that only one man fitted in that role – Gert !Kunta was that very man.

Gert !Kunta – The Hero and Man of God from the Nhoma#1 village
The congregation at Duine Pos sang a song for us. It is clear that there is a great love for the Lord amongst the clan living her.


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