Good morning dear friends of DEGNOS,

*Many thanks for everyone’s intercession* for our visit to the West Caprivi congregation in the Zambezi region of Namibia.

The Lord our God is absolutely wonderful and I want to testify to that again this morning.

Over the last three years we have experienced tension every time we gathered the believers for a meeting, every time towards the end of the gathering it was as if someone in the group was just being convinced to start a fight, and usually it was about money.

Monday morning, while I’m on my way to visit the Villages and to tell the people about the congregation meeting we’re planning for Tuesday, I get a message from one of our supporters.

In her message, she asks in prayer that the persons who should not be at the meeting must be identifiable so that there can be peace.

For the meeting with the congregation leaders to take place we have to drive about 230km from our base at Divundu (about 500km from our home) to gather everyone and so that we can meet on the Kwando river’s side of Bwabwata at Mashambo Village.

At Omega 3 we usually pick up *Johannes Tokkelosh* and his father, *Ou Tokkelosh* to be part of the meeting.

On the way to *Omega Nr3* while chatting in the car , it came out that *Old Tokkelosh is the Khwe’s great Witch Doctor*, and at once I realized that this was the cause of each time’s discord, and corresponds with what was pointed out by our prayer friend.

 I also know that even the believers are terribly afraid of the Witch Doctor and they will not allow me to not to take him with us to the meeting.

But the Lord also knows about this problem.

When we arrived at Omega 3, we see that the whole community is gathered and that a large animal’s carcass is being cut up and the meat is divided amongst the villagers.

And even the witch doctor doesn’t say no to a piece of fresh Hippo meat.

Old Tokkelosh doesn’t even ask to go along to the meeting because he’s also hungry for the meat.

His son Johannes says no to the meat and chooses to go with us.

I can’t help but realize how wonderfully the Lord works – first a message from a believer who listens to the Lord and warns me, then Hippo meat to keep the Witch Doctor busy.

The meeting, no actually just one big Bible study, went very well.

Smith Muyatwa our missionary in the West Caprivi leads the believers in Bible study through 1 John 2:15-17 and Isaiah 45:18-19.

For the first time since I have been working in the West Caprivi congregation, there is no discord during the gathering of believers.

 It was truly an intervention from the Lord.

Your prayer makes a difference, please continue to pray for us, ( everyone who works in the Kingdom of the Lord among the Khwe people.)

*Please pray for Old Tokkelosh* that he will meet the Lord Jesus before he dies, he is already very old.

*Please pray for his son Johannes Tokkelosh* who lives in the same settlement and who is a child of God and a follower of Jesus, pray for Johannes (the son) to remain standing in his extremely difficult circumstances. Johannes (the son) is also sitting with a wound on his foot that has not wanted to heal for more than 10 years now and which makes his movement very difficult.

*Henties Bay*

Early tomorrow morning, God willing, I will leave for Henties Bay (600km west) where on Friday afternoon and Saturday I will tell *God’s story* of Sin, redemption and gratitude to the congregation there. I also have the privilege of leading Sunday’s worship service there. *Please also pray for this event*

DEGNOS Greetings



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