Under this section, you can find all documents relating to the Corporate Governance of DEGNOS.

Documents include:
The Degnos Constitution https://degnos.com/degnos-constitution/
2022 Chairmans Report in English 2022 Chairmans Report to AGM English

2022 Chairmans Report in Afrikaans https://degnos.com/2022-voorsitters-verslag-aan-ajv/
2022 Managers report in English https://degnos.com/2022-managers-report-to-agm/

2022 Bestuurders verslag Afrikaans https://degnos.com/2022-bestuurders-verslag-aan-ajv/
Registration certificate as Welfare Organisation in Namibiahttps://degnos.com/welfare-organisation-certificate/