About us

a Christian non-profit organisation

We empower disciples on the ground to become disciple makers amongst there own people.

Our Story

DEGNOS is a a missionary organization that works in the North East of Namibia amongst the SAN / Bushman  people


In 1961 the mission to the SAN was born……

Who do we serve

We serve the four San people groups in the North Eastern Sector of Namibia

Where we work

We work with the local believers in their respective villages 

What we believe

Our Lord Jesus has sent us to this world so that the world can be saved by Him

This is one of the things we do best

Mobilize the body of Christ to be disciple makers 
What we do!

Good News in words and deeds; Foster independent congregations; Encourage independent communities; Mentor and develop San church leaders; Working at breaking the poverty cycle.


DEGNOS is a conduit for the four San / Bushman congregations and the community development projects. Responsible for the accounting records, financial controls and fund raising.

Agriculture Projects

We assist communities in becoming self sufficient through agricultural projects .

Church planting

Our aim is to plant a fully functional church in each of the 140 villages we serve.

Comercial projects

DEGNOS assists local s in various trade initiatives as a way of combatting poverty

congregation development

We aim to develop local church members and church leaders so that each congregation are served by trained shepperds

The only effective way to break the poverty cycle is through education.  Find out how we go about it to break the poverty cycle. 

Photo of young San boy

Get Involved

Explore the many ways that you can get involved with the mission to the San  

pray for us

The biggest favor you can do for us is to pray for our work.

If you would like to receive our weekly prayer requests on What’s-app please send a message to +264813612480

visit us

Come visit us and experience first hand what we do and where we work.

Please contact us for more information


Do you have a calling for mission work?

Think about joining us as a volunteer

Please contact us!

Fianacial support

We are 100% dependent on donations from fellow believers and churches.

Please ask the Lord if you should be financially involved in this work

Have a look at our people.


Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The Tsumkwe congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia serves the +_ 6000 people of the Ju//oansi  people.

Tsumkwe town church building

DRC Congregation 

The Luhebu North Congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia serves the !Kung people.

Luhebu Noord Congregation

DRC Congregation

The Western Caprivi Congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia serves the Kwê people.

Communion at Mushashane

DRC Congregation

The Wildevy   Congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia serves the Hai//om people.

Late afternoon photo of the Church at Tsintsabis

DRC Congregation

Corporate Governance

Our Team

Photo of Andries and Tracey Gous

Andries and Tracey Gous

Servants at DEGNOS

San Pastors with Lucas van Vuuren at Training in Grootfontein in Jan 2022

San Pastors 

Rev. Lucas van Vuuren demonstrating faith at a training session

Rev. Lucas Janse van Vuuren

Volunteer teacher

Photo of Poppie, the housekeeper at Degnos Centre in Luiperdheuwel

Mrs. Poppie Haremses

Pastor, Care Taker  and matron of the Degnos Center

Rev. Isaac Chameia

Rev. Isaac Chameia

Congregation Development Officer

Photo of all the Degnos ECD Teachers at Grootfontein Centre

ECD Teachers

DEGNOS Pre-School Teachers

Education Coordinator for DEGNOS

Mrs. Riana van Zyl

DEGNOS Education Coordinator

Latest news from our blog

Follow us and read about and watch the amazing things that God is doing with his church among these 1st people of this world.

Little girl looking around the corner
Sharing the gospel is more than just preaching the Word. It is living the love of Christ.
Good morning dear friends of DEGNOS, *Many thanks for everyone’s intercession* for our visit to the West Caprivi congregation in the Zambezi region of Namibia. The Lord our God is absolutely wonderful and I want to testify to that again this morning. Over the last three […]


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