Good morning dear friends of DEGNOS, *Many thanks for everyone’s intercession* for our visit to the […]
Good morning dear friends of DEGNOS *Background* The *NG Kerk Wildevy* covers a ministry area of […]
In the last week of May 2023, we had the pleasure at DEGNOS to have a […]
Watch the video of Ds. Petrus Kaimbi when he reports on the activities at Mkata congregation
In August of 2021, we placed a video on our Facebook page where Ds. Shotty Mayebo […]
Map showing distance from Grootfontein to Western Caprivi
Dear friends of DEGNOSYesterday when we started training at Dije, I was very concerned as almost […]
Rudolf from Ramworx is trying to teach me how to design a website for DEGNOS. We […]
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Good morning, friends of DEGNOS,Sorry, that you have not heard much from us in the last […]