In August of 2021, we placed a video on our Facebook page where Ds. Shotty Mayebo had a special prayer request for the congregation of Kanovlei. We asked our supporters to pray for the congregation’s women so that they can become involved in the congregation, to be true members of the church.

The !Kung ladies are in general totally illiterate and they can not read the Bible for themselves.

Shortly after the video clip was taken we started with training/teaching on the Firm Foundation series at the Village, and the women joined the classes. Since then we have had three, two-day training sessions in the village. Our training focuses on teaching students to be able to tell the story of the Bible.

The group of students that started the firm foundation training at Kanovlei in August 2021. By equipping the congregation we have been helping them to become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ

Further support came in April when the congregation was visited by a group of NETS (Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary) students that spend a Sunday morning with the congregation going from house to house and sharing the gospel.

NETS students and lecturers with the congregation – April 2022

To further strengthen the congregation, Ds. Isaac Chameia, the DEGNOS congregation development officer also started with training at the village in May 2022. He started with training on the roles and responsibilities of the different members and officers of the church.

During our last visit to the congregation, we were delighted to hear that the women have taken up new roles in the congregation. They are no longer just bystanders but are actively involved in teaching others.

On the question as to what caused this change – the answer was very simple – Now that the training has been brought to the village, now the ladies also feel that they are worthwhile members of the congregation.

I have learned that sometimes we pray for solutions and then God uses us to provide the solution that we prayed for.

I am forever, and every time reminded of the wonderful almighty God that we serve.


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