Over the weekend of 8 to 10 July 2022, we held the annual Degnos partnership conference. The purpose of the conference is to bring the supporters of the work of Degnos as well as the beneficiaries of the work of Degnos together to strengthen the bonds between them.

The theme for the conference was – What does our destination look like – and how do we get there?

50 Delegates joined us. Some delegates joined us from Bloemfontein in South Africa and we had guests from all over Namibia. Everybody enjoyed the fellowship.

Ds. Gerrit Theron (83) tells us about the early days of the work done during the time of the border war. He showed us how the chaplain’s service to the South African military helped to develop church leaders One of these leaders, Ds. Isaac Chameia, is today, 40 years later, the Congregation Development officer of DEGNOS.

Three questions

As part of the theme of the conference, we wanted to look at three questions.

(1) Where did we come from (2) Where are we now (3) Where are we going. This road map helps us to understand what the Lord has done over the last 60 years with the ministry and how we are progressing on the road towards a new Jerusalem. We took some time to take some stock on where we are now and we discussed what the best route is going forward.

We planned for the future by trying to answer three questions: (1) What did we do well and must retain going forward (2 ) what we must leave behind (3) What we must start doing.

Throughout the whole discussion, we realized that the best way going forward is to focus on developing indigenous church leaders in every village.

Rear from left to right – Ds. Dirk de Vos (Grootfontein) Gert and Jeanette Lubbe (Hentiesbaai) Ds. Jafet Moyo (Omatako) Ds. Petrus Kaimbi (Mkata). Middle – Ds. Amon Petrus (Mangetti Duin), Front – Ds. Shotty Mayebo (Kano Vlei) – All are listening attentaviely to the future plans being made.

What must we keep on doing?

(1) The firm foundation is very valuable and we must continue with it and we must find a way to roll it out to include each one of the 140 villages/meeting points.

(2) We must keep on cherishing each other. We must not lose the loving relationship within congregations and between supporters and the people whom we serve.

(3) The youth ministry is a definite strong point that we must further develop and find ways to roll it out to the schools in the area. We must strengthen the relationship with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)

(4) We must keep on focussing on our immediate families, we must not start neglecting our families in order to reach a further audience.

(5) We must keep on being the ambassadors of Christ amongst our people.

(6) Outreaches by visitors must continue as it strengthens the spiritual leaders and it encourages the communities.

(7) We must be stewards of the assets that the congregations own, we can not let them deteriorate.

(8) Degnos must continue with the school programs. Education is the only sustainable way out of severe poverty.

What must we stop doing?

(1) We must work at letting go of the feeling of inferiority. We must lose the slave mentality.

(2) We must stop investing in new facilities and infrastructure, and rather invest in people.

What must we start doing?

(1) Alcoholism is a big problem and we need to reach out to shebeen owners. As only the Lord can stop them from selling alcohol.

(2) We must reach out to the teachers of the government schools that are currently preventing us from bringing the gospel to schools.

(3) Indigenous facilitators must be developed so that they can themselves take the training to the outlying areas.

(4) Degnos must help with the logistics to get the spiritual leaders from the villages together for development. Not to take them to Grootfontein, but to get them together at localized gatherings.

(5) Prayer – Pray that every disciple becomes a disciple-maker.

(6) The Scholar assist program must be developed to help educate the youth as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

We praise the Lord God for His provission over the past 61 years of the minnistry of DEGNOS.



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  1. I believe and trust God for your ongoing work in His strength. May we all partake in fervent prayer for His Kingdom to come every day.

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