Friends, after such a day in the field one realizes how big our God is and how big the field is where we have to work.

Me and Ds.  Leviet Kxao visited all the Habitats in his ward in search of spiritual leaders who can be further developed.

Ds Leviet !Aice Kxao visiting the village of //xa/oba in Northen Tsumkwe in search of spiritual leaders to develop as leaders in the habitat.

During the DEGNOS’s conference, it became clear that the sustainable ministry to the San people will depend on whether we will equip spiritual leaders in each habitat so that each habitat can be a congregation in its own right. It is just not sustainable in the long term to always come from outside to bring the Word.

We hold fast to the Text in 1 Cor. 12 and we believe that God has put the Body together perfectly and that in every gathering of believers there are all the body parts to be a full-fledged church.

With these two thoughts, we will work for the next 10 days in the Tsumkwe congregation in search of the spiritual leaders that God has already designated in each habitat so that the church can also be a complete body there under the tree.

Our current plan will then be to start equipping these leaders for ministry in the habitat – but that plan has yet to take shape – all we know for now is that we need to go and find them.

We trust that the Lord will also help us find the right people.

This searching opportunity also resulted in quite a few wonderful opportunities to testify about our Lord. Feel free to read more about it on the website under the court – Blog Posts

Today’s trip was about 230 kilometers on Forest Paths from habitat to habitat. In a few of the habitats there were very few people because today was also Makurube day (pension) and many of the people were away digging Kamekoo (devil’s claw). But our day was fruitful with 4 believers who were designated as ready to serve the local church.

We include the photo and names – we realize it is difficult to pronounce the names – just pray for the faces, the Lord knows their names. Please pray with us that the Lord will confirm and strengthen their calling.


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