While traveling from village to village we met up with a man with a remarkable story.

Daqm Debe lives in a San village North of Tsumkwe in an area commonly known as Bushmanland. He forms part of a tribe of ancient first people known as the Ju//oansi. These people were first introduced to the Gospel message in the 1960s and 70s.

Daqm was a schoolboy in Tsumkwe and as part of the work done by the Dutch Reformed Church, there were a Sunday school and games days in which he took part.

But Daqm never accepted the Lord Jesus as his savior and continued with his life, and according to his own testimony, it was a wild life. Full of drinking and swearing and fighting. He says that now that he looks back he realizes that he has lost almost everything he had, all the cattle he sold and he caused a lot of unhappiness.

During a dream one night a while back he had a dream, and this dream so upset him that he woke up weeping and with tears streaming down his face he told his wife that God spoke to him, and God told him to let go of the old life and embrace the new life.

He says from that day onwards he knows that the Holy Spirit has moved into his heart because he has changed. He is a much different man now than he was.

A while later he noticed that there was a problem between him and another villager. The man did not greet him and he just knew things were not right. That very same evening he had a dream again and he became aware of the Lord instructing him to make peace with the other man from the village. Immediately the next morning he called upon the man and apologized for any wrong he has done the man. They talked about the problem and made peace with each other. He is now very happy about it.

it reminds us of the wonderful scripture in Mathew 5:9 – Blessed are the peacemakers:


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