Map showing distance from Grootfontein to Western Caprivi

Dear friends of DEGNOS
Yesterday when we started training at Dije, I was very concerned as almost none of the people who attended the training the previous times were there. When I arrived only a few young children, Sr. Renate, Br. James and Rev. Joseph was waiting for me.
But who am I to be picky, the Lord knew we were coming and He is the one working ahead and if these are the people He sent me to work with then these are the people I need to train.
During the course of the morning more people joined in and by the time we finished yesterday afternoon, the group had grown to 13 adults and 12 teenagers and a whole bunch of little ones.
Today the same group came again and there was something very special about the group’s participation in the conversations and we could really dig into the foundation of the faith.
We could talk deeply and penetratingly about grace, faith, salvation, sin and awareness of sin, God’s faithfulness and for me the most precious – we could talk about Jesus Christ.
Today I was able to experience again how people grasped the Good News, how faces lit up when they understood the redemptive work of our Lord. It was fantastic.
We still have a full session tomorrow when we will focus on Abraham’s obedience when he took Isaac to be sacrificed – and we are going to draw a few lines between that event and the crucifixion of Christ. We are going to talk a little bit about the Good News which is also terrible – terrible that we have sinned and that the Son of God needed to die.
Thank you so much for praying with us. Please do not stop praying for us and for the believers.
Pray especially that the Lord will use these young teenagers to take His Word and the Good News further.
I am also very excited about the number of young men that joined the training.
DEGNOS Greetings

Students and their kids doing Firm Foundation training at Dije
Ladies preparing lunch for the students

Map showing distance from Grootfontein to Western Caprivi



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