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The Lord is very good to us.

One after the other applications materialized and we received the entire teaching staff’s salaries for the following year from First National Bank.

Teachers’ salaries are covered until August 2023.

*Praise the Lord with us for that, please.*

We also received funds from a Dutch group called Verre Naasten, which covers the new education coordinator’s salary until December 2023.

*Please also praise the Lord with us for this*.

Together with the contributions of the smaller private donors, we can cover the basic costs of the schools for another year.

Together with the support of Imago Dei which covers the school’s food for us until February 2023 we can now truly say again that we serve a Living God who is greater and more powerful than anything we can imagine.

*Please take a moment and Thank and Praise the Lord with us.*

We can say this morning that the Lord has provided for the schools’ basic needs and this is a confirmation for us that we must continue with the little schools, now under the leadership of a new teacher.

Education Coordinator for DEGNOS
Portrait Riana van Zyl D- New Degnos Education Coordinator


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