What a festive day we had in the field. The most beautiful scenery imaginable with beautiful people.
In each Habitat, I only realize that the work of those here before me has borne great fruit. The Lord truly builds His church, and we honor Him for that.
In every Habitat, there is excitement from people who hear that there is now a possible opportunity for the people there to be a congregation unto themselves. (Which they have always been – but perhaps a little more clearly now)

Ds. N!aici and Ds. Leviet telling the congregation at Djokue about the exiting new program.

If someone is trained that can teach locally, they no longer need to walk to Tsumkwe (5-50km away), or wait for someone to come from Tsumkwe to serve them with the Word.
I am excited about the people’s willingness to be part of this project but also scared about the practical rollout of this plan. We are sure that if the Lord has shown us this way, then He will surely also provide the practical implementation.
Below are the faces of those who spontaneously decided today that they want to be part of the program for leaders.

Please pray for each one of these precious brothers and sisters for confirmation of their calling.
Thank you for praying for us – we were aware of higher energy levels today. Please continue to pray for us – especially for Ds. Leviet, who is struggling with severe toothache – but what a sight to see him when he starts preaching, toothache or not.


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