Good morning dear friends of DEGNOS.
This past week was packed with training opportunities. I received training in Henties Bay with rev. Ivan Skinner from the organization The Word Transform, and then I had the privilege of presenting a short overview of Firm Foundations to members of the NG Church Otjiwarongo. It was truly a blessed opportunity and I am grateful that Otjiwarongo congregation gave me the opportunity.
The schools are also all back in full swing and Riana and Isak visiting all 16 schools, delivering food and encouraging the teachers.
Very good news from Mangeti Duin is that Ds. Isaac Chameia, who attended the FF facilitators course, immediately started to use the FF material to start a youth ministry. There were 31 young teenagers on Mangeti duin who signed up for the classes. The classes are offered twice a week, namely Mondays and Thursdays. Rev. Isaac also reports that last Sunday there were 61 children on Mangeti Duin in the church.
Further fantastic news is that there was a team of 4 pastors from Elcin (Lutheran Church) at Mangeti dune to offer training to spiritual leaders of all denominations. During the event, our own Rev. Amon Petrus interpreted for them. The Elcin pastors encouraged their members to attend the worship services of the NG church as they have no pastors in Bushmanland. Across denominational boundaries there is only one Body of Christ.
We start this morning with a church council meeting at Tsumkwe and on Thursday we hold a church council meeting at Luhebu Noord.
DEGNOS with the help of CEF and the San pastors and church councils have done a lot of work to reach the youth since two years ago, and we are waiting to see how the Lord will use it within the DEGNOS ministries area.
Prayer Requests

  1. For the facilitators of FF who are trained to teach their people.
  2. For Otjiwarongo congregation that will start next Tuesday with in-depth Firm Foundation training facilitated by Rev. Hector Jooste.
  3. For the Church Council meetings of Tsumkwe and Luhebu North congregations.
  4. For the ministry among the youth in Bushmanland. Especially for the youth workers who all work so hard as volunteers in Bushmanland.
  5. For every one of the collaborators in the DEGNOS ministry – 27 Teachers, 13 Preachers, 22 Youth workers, 11 FF Facilitators, 90+* Church Council members*; 5 Degnos office staff and every one of the disciple makers among the believers.
    DEGNOS Greetings
    Andries on behalf of the DEGNOS team.-



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